Lost in Dar

I have a rather impressive record of getting lost in pretty much any city I visit. It’s a combination of a desire to walk as much as possible and having no sense of direction whatsoever.

Trying to find my way home one evening this week in Dar I took a wrong turn. What should have been a 7-minute stroll turned into a frustrating 45-minute stumble down back alleys and side streets. So the night after, I took a taxi.

The driver said he knew where I wanted to go, we agreed a price and I got in.

After about ten minutes of driving it became clear that his sense of direction was as bad as mine.

“Where are we?” I asked

“We are here,” he replied, accurately.

“Do you know where are we going?”

“We are going somewhere, I think.”

A minute passed.

“Now where are we?”

“We are still here.”

I’m still not sure how he eventually found it, but he did.


One response to “Lost in Dar

  1. They have PhDs in philosophy driving taxis all around the world these days!

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