Things I do in Nairobi that I can’t do in London

One: Smile at people I don’t know. Particularly on public transport

Two: Start conversations with waiters/shopkeepers/the bloke working in the car park. Asking ‘how are you?’ tends to elicit a strange look rather than a response

Three: Drive on the pavement

Four: Smooth things over with a police officer by handing over the equivalent of 80 pence.

Five: Get served in a bar without having to leave my seat

Six: Forget to lock the door. There are no askaris outside the house in Crouch End

Seven: Watch Aston Villa on television. 3pm kick offs can’t be shown on television in the UK – a rule to encourage football fans to go to actual matches. Something African leagues can only dream of.

Eight: Spend half a day at the post office trying to pick up one small parcel

Nine: Decide I want to see some lions and find one within the hour

Ten: Pay for something with my mobile phone


4 responses to “Things I do in Nairobi that I can’t do in London

  1. I have an issue with point 9. Have you not heard of London Zoo?

  2. Ah, the misadventures of the Nairobi post office… they are not missed. Nairobi Game Park, however, I think of daily. I wandered over via White African and I am now homesick.

  3. Loved this post, I love points no. 1 and 2 and hope you have NEVER done point no. 4, and thank you for supporting Nairobi Park and her stately lions. You can also watch the stars at night, have weekly candle lit dinners due to power rationing, get paid via your mobile phone, get through a security barrier on a gated estate in Langata without showing ID – that is if you are melanin deficient only.

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