A year of blogging…

I began this blog just over a year ago. I had just left The Independent to start working on a book about African football and wanted an outlet to occasionally vent, make the odd witty remark, or post a bit of analysis.

The book is now all but finished – available in good bookshops (and bad) in May – and I’m now trying to work out what to do next. I’ll carry on writing for Monocle and in the run up to the World Cup I’ll be writing and talking about African football to a rather unhealthy degree. After that, who knows? I think I’ll carry on blogging though. Whether it’s getting into a transatlantic row over Darfur or discovering I’m not the only one that finds Nairobi’s traffic jams interesting, I’ve rather enjoyed it.

So for all those who have read and commented over the past year, thank you. The site is going though a slight redesign to make it look a bit nicer but other than that nothing much will change. I’ll still post irregularly, I’ll still make hypocritical comments about bad journalism, and I’ll still use the same title which one reader in Sierra Leone correctly charactised as “a bit wanky”.




4 responses to “A year of blogging…

  1. I discovered your blog a while ago, and I am subscribed to the rss feed.

    Although I normally do not leave comments, I enjoy reading your blog and will continue to do so (I particularly liked the short post on African stereotypes. Being a Nigerian, I sometimes find myself a butt of not only general African stereotypes, but Nigerian-specific ones too).

    It is nice to hear that you will continue blogging.


  2. Can’t wait to buy the book – and definitely keep the blog going. Will let you know next time I’m passing through London, and hope all’s well,


  3. Hey there, love your blog, wankiness and all.

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