Africa and stereotypes

Three examples of crass stereotyping of Africa from the last two days:

One: Twitter decides to commemorate World Aids Day by turning every tweet about Africa red. Because AIDS equals Africa, see?

Two: The BBC wonders whether an African team can win next year’s World Cup. And how do they choose to decsribe Africa? “The world’s poorest and most underdeveloped land”

Three: In a piece commemorating the 25th anniversary of Bob Geldof saving Africa launching Band Aid, the Independent’s Paul Vallely describes how Band Aid raised £100m for “the stricken people of Africa”. No, it was for the stricken people in the Ethiopian highlands.


One response to “Africa and stereotypes

  1. My cooment to this is mostly rage. Africa may be a poor country but for Gods sake some of the place is actually rich and not poor. ANd not every kid is starving. So.. Yea

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