All hail Africa’s newest anti-corruption czar

Angola’s president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, has called for a crackdown on government corruption:

“Irresponsible people, people of bad faith, have taken advantage… to squander resources and to carry out illicit and even damaging and fraudulent acts of management.”

One of his first tasks will be to recover the $56 million placed in an offshore account belonging to a Mr Jose Eduardo dos Santos of Luanda, Angola.

He may also want to look into the ‘Angolagate’ scandal. Court papers revealed that a man known as “Jose Eduardo dos Santos” was among those who received millions of dollars in bribes.

While he’s at it he should probably investigate how $1bn a year of Angola’s oil money has gone missing every year since 1996. He should start by asking the man who was president during that time where all the money went.

The name escapes me, but I’m sure he’s not too hard to track down.


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