Funding terrorists to fight hunger: bad; Funding terrorists to fight terrorists: good

The US is currently refusing to fund life-saving aid in Somalia because it believes some of the food will be diverted to Al Shabaab. At a time when half the population in Somalia is in need of aid, 40m pounds of food is sitting in a warehouse in Mombasa while US and UN officials try to work out new protocols which would include:

“…demanding that aid transporters not pay fees at roadblocks, which are ubiquitous and virtually unavoidable in a nation widely considered a case study in chaos.”

The US government is being idiotic. Dangerously idiotic. Al Shabaab control most of the areas where aid is needed most. Either you strike deals with local commanders to let the aid through and thus save lives or you let people die. It’s not perfect, no, but let’s go over that other option again: LET PEOPLE DIE.

So it was with some interest that I read this story in today’s Guardian:

guardian articleSomething tells me this might be brought up by UN OCHA officials at their next meeting with their US counterparts.



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