The perfect traffic jam

The inevitable consequence of refusing to follow the rules of the road.

jam1As frustrating as traffic jams are, you have to admire the beauty of the ‘Nairobi special’.


6 responses to “The perfect traffic jam

  1. Lemme guess: junction of Gitanga and James Gichuru.

    I hope you sketched this while sitting in the jam.

    • stevebloomfield

      Peponi and General Mathenge.
      I find Gitanga and James Gichuru rarely has this sort of symmetry – it’s more of a Jackson Pollock.

  2. haha..first thing that popped into my head was Gitanga and James Gichuru..

  3. Here’s yet another person who thought that must be the Gitanga, James Gichuru. Sigh.

  4. stevebloomfield

    Coming soon: my exclusive sketch of Gitanga/James Gichuru at rush hour on a Friday. When it’s raining.

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