“You are my bushman”

Xpat Link, as the name suggests, is a Kenyan magazine that provides ex-pats with links. Links to houses, holiday homes and restaurants. Oh, and to other ex-pats.

Here are a few of my favourites:

“Married, horsey and just a little bit naughty. Looking for flirtations. No strings attached.”

“I had a dream of Africa and you were in that dream. I am 25 years old, blonde hair, ripped shirt and looking for white mischief. If you have it – get in touch.”

“You are tall, strong, dark-skinned, know how to change a tyre and can show me the wilder parts of the bush.”

“Sharp claws, financially independent and surgically enhanced. I’m on the prowl for a youthful king of the wild, only lions with night vision need apply. I am waiting for you. You are my bushman.”


2 responses to ““You are my bushman”

  1. Um, those are jokes, though, right? Right???

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