Liquid bombers and lazy security

The so-called liquid bombers, the men who allegedly planned to blow up a handful of transatlantic flights, are sentenced today. Their legacy lives on in the most unlikely of places.

Ivory Coast’s domestic route between Abidjan and San Pedro is not a likely terrorist target. There were four other people on my flight: a French couple going on holiday (San Pedro has great beaches, apparently) and two middle-aged men who worked in cocoa (San Pedro is also the heart of Cote d’Ivoire’s cocoa industry).

As I clung to my half-drunk bottle of water at the check-in desk a tired looking security guard insisted I hand it over before I could board the flight. “Security,” he said, as I swigged what was left.

He didn’t seem so interested in my bag, though. It beeped as I walked through the scanner but he just waved me through.


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