Still a bit French

I’ve been in Cote d’Ivoire for the past few days. Two differences between Francophone and Anglophone Africa stand out already:

  • The presidential palace in Abidjan is linked to the French embassy via an underground tunnel
  • The building I’m staying in is named after Francois Mitterand

I can’t imagine Kenya having a secret tunnel between State House and the British High Commission or Uganda naming a residential block after Margaret Thatcher


2 responses to “Still a bit French

  1. There are so many other things that do not make much sense here in Abidjan. How long are you staying in,we could meet up and chat over a cup of coffee or a glass of beer.You will get to meet up a bit with the local blogging community and hear about the upcoming Barcamp Abidjan conference.


    Find me on Facebook or twitter uner the name Frederic Tape

  2. LOL… the former prez was more French than the French…

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