This and That

One: The Guardian’s David Smith goes to Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls and wonders whether tourism can revive the country’s economy. I went there a year or so ago at the end of a long road trip with Monocle. It’s truly stunning, although eerily quiet. Unsurprisingly, not that many tourists fancy a trip to Zimbabwe these days.

Two: New York Times’ photographer Michael Kamber, recently travelled to Somalia. His photos, on the Times’ Lens blog, are amazing (particularly the Playboy picture – slide 7) and his words of advice for surviving in Somalia are well worth reading too.

Three: Still on photography, Scarlett Lion explains how she takes pictures. To see the results, check out her slideshow on surfing in Liberia.

Four: Africa is a Country highlights a depressing article by Achille Mbembe in Le Monde Diplomatique about South Africa’s “creeping partition”


One response to “This and That

  1. gruffyddthomas

    Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls? It is right on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and if tourists don’t fancy Zim right now, they can always go to Zambia, “The Real Africa”.

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