Africa’s too dangerous to spend the night in, apparently

“Philip Larkin once remarked that he wouldn’t mind going to China if he could come back the same day. I’ve always felt the same about Africa.

“I know parts of it are beautiful, the wildlife spectacular, the people for the most part famously friendly. But almost everything you read and hear on the news about Africa focuses on the violence, the corruption and the human suffering – making the prospect of a safe passage home before bedtime essential to a pathetic wimp like me.”

The first few lines of Charles Spencer’s monumentally stupid review of The Observer, a new play by Matt Charman at London’s National Theatre about an election observer in a ficticious West African state.

And yes, Spencer does refer to Africa as “the dark continent”.

The play itself looks like it is worth seeing.


One response to “Africa’s too dangerous to spend the night in, apparently

  1. By the way, in Italy it is very common for Africa to be referred to as “il continente nero”, literally “the black continent”. You see it all the time, even in books and newspaper articles you would expect to know better. But this is the same country that sees no problem in still referring to Native Americans as “pellerossa”, redskins…

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