This and That

One: Gerard Prunier on Chad versus Sudan (the war, not the football):

“The Sudanese intelligence is aware of his (Deby’s) military preparedness and they are at present trying to trigger a palace coup, which would have a greater chance of success than a frontal military assault.”

Two: The Guardian’s David Beresford rips apart what remains of RW Johnson’s reputation. Mugabe was an accomplice to 9/11, don’t ya know. And still, the Sunday Times thinks he’s sane enough to write about South Africa. (h/t Africa is a County)

Three: Philip Gourevitch goes back to Rwanda and likes what he sees (alas, registration required). The wonderfully-named Mo’dernity Mo’problems isn’t so sure:

“Gourevitch knows Rwanda well, and Paul Kagame very well. However, he falls prey to the all too common logic that post-genocidal reconstruction justifies any and all social, political, and military agenda; even if that agenda is dangerous and has proven violent in the past.”

Four: And finally… If 19 people died at the last international football match you held and you still haven’t worked out why, is it a good idea to arrange another international football match (this time with even more star players) to commemorate the tragedy? Cote d’Ivoire’s sports minister isn’t so sure.



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