This and That

One: Dark days at my old newspaper, The Independent. On it’s best days it’s still a great paper but the less journalists it employs the less best days it’s going to have.

Two: Even Rupert Murdoch’s papers aren’t immune from the crisis in journalism. He’s now considering charging people to read them online. Some readers may not like it, but frankly it’s not before time. If everyone gets content for free, how will papers ever be able to afford to employ journalists and send them to, you know, report.

Three: Al Ahly, the best team in Africa, have crashed out of the continent’s champions league. Hatem Maher, who writes for a great Egyptian football website, Filgoal, reckons their fans shouldn’t be too upset.

Four: This quote is a bit old but I only just found it and I rather like it:

“If you’re ever looking for a warning sign that you’re on the wrong side of an argument, suing Medecins Sans Frontieres is probably a pretty good clue.”

Ben Goldacre, the Bad Science guy, writing about Matthias Rath.



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