This and That

One: The BBC’s correspondent in Abuja, Andrew Walker, has a great series of pieces on policing in Nigeria. In the first he goes out on patrol with a new elite police unit. Except they don’t seem to be all that elite:

At one of the patrol stops, a van approaching them does a quick u-turn. It’s the moment the police have been waiting for. But it takes them too long to get into their truck and by the time they are in pursuit, the van has gone. The radio they have doesn’t work properly and they can’t inform other police of where they are for several minutes…

“They return to the barracks without making any arrests.”

Two: The Financial Times thinks $213m for security in Somalia is a step in the right direction. Remind me, what happened last time the international community paid for a police force?

Three: Kenyan women are going on a sex strike in a novel effort to put pressure on the government. Not sure it will work, but at least it’s a bit more innovative than a petition

Four: And Stood in the Congo reveals the world is round




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