Zuma and Mugabe

According to a piece by the Guardian’s new Africa correspondent, David Smith, the election of Jacob Zuma spells bad news for Robert Mugabe. Smith quotes Zuma from last year during the election violence:

“We cannot agree with Zanu-PF, we cannot agree with them on values. We fought for the right of people to vote. We fought for democracy.”

I’m not so sure. Speaking at a business breakfast event in Joburg three weeks ago, Zuma went out of his way to insist that no aspect of South Africa’s foreign policy would change. The ANC made policy, he insisted, not him.

He sidestepped a question on Zimbabwe, saying simply that no aspect of foreign policy would change. When a second question was raised on Zimbawbe, again by a white person, Zuma laughed and wondered aloud why people in the West were so obsessed with Zimbabwe.

Then he gave this answer:

“We are not going to change policy on Zimbabwe. We’re not.”



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