A cultural giant of the 21st century on the crisis in Congo

The good news: Time magazine has six pages on the crisis in Congo

The bad news: all the words are written by Ben Affleck.

Yes, I know, celebrities can bring attention to forgotten crises, but do the readers of Time really need the star of Daredevil and the ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez to tell them about Congo? Was Seth Rogen not available?

In fairness to Affleck he admits he is an “amateur journalist”. And unlike most journalists he once won a pretty decent awardfor his writing. Affleck has also taken the time to visit places like Congo and South Sudan before he starts advocating – something other Hollywood celebrities might want to think about doing.

Affleck’s piece isn’t actually that bad. Compared to that other film star turned foreign hack, Sean Penn, it’s a work of genius. But it isn’t that good either.

*On the other hand, the pictures by James Nachtwey which accompany Affleck’s piece are more than worth a look


5 responses to “A cultural giant of the 21st century on the crisis in Congo

  1. It’s better than anything I wrote

  2. Rob, you’re doing yourself a disservice. I still shed a tear when I think of John the Goat.

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  4. You read ‘Dead Aid’ yet?

  5. Ironically Affleck on Congo is better, right now, than Kristof on Darfur.

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