Back in Nairobi

After more than a month out of town I’m back in Nairobi and trying desperately to catch up with what I’ve missed while I’ve been away. 

Keeping track of the usual suspects (Somali pirates, argumentative Congolese rebels, unrepentant Zimbabwean presidents) is pretty easy – at the moment they’re rarely out of the international news. But despite Nairobi hosting more than 200 foreign journalists Kenya is rarely written about.

So, what have I missed?

Most importantly, Kenya is now in the midst of a food crisis that President Kibaki has declared a national emergency. In completely unrelated news ministry of agriculture officials have been accused of selling what little maize there is in South Sudan where the price is four times higher.

Well, what’s a little maize corruption between friends. It’s not as if there have been any other government corruption scandals erupting over the past few days…

“News of the investigation broke days after the boss of the state-owned Kenya Pipeline Company was fired over the irregular release of oil reserves worth nearly $100 million.

Last week, the head of the Kenya Tourist Board was sacked to allow an investigation into accusations of graft there.”

According to the front page of this morning’s Daily Nation, I’ve just come back to a “Land of Scandals”.

Oh, and we’ve got no water.


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