The famine threatening Africa

The Independent’s deputy editor, Ian Birrell, wrote a comment piece on Sunday calling for more positive and informed coverage of Africa. To many in the West, he wrote, Africa is a place full of “kids with distended bellies and begging bowls everywhere”. This, he insisted, must stop.

“Africa is a continent of 53 nations. As in Europe, each has its own character, its own successes and its own difficulties.”

Two days later, the Independent ran a piece by Matt Barbet, a TV newsreader, who recently reported from Ethiopia:

“…it was gratifying to present from an impoverished Ethiopian village and remind people at home of the famine threatening Africa


2 responses to “The famine threatening Africa

  1. Surely that “famine” was averted a long time ago, no?

  2. stevebloomfield

    Never let the facts get in the way of a good story…

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