iPhone versus iiPhone

Apple’s iPhone is finally launched in Kenya this week. Some are excited, others less so.

The price is likely to be an eye-watering 50,000 shillings (about £400) but Nairobi’s gliteratti will probably rush to buy it because of, rather than in spite of, the price. Judging by the adverts running in the papers in the last few days Orange, which has got the sole rights to sell the phone in Kenya, is hoping it becomes the ultimate status symbol.

A far cheaper option would be to buy the iiPhone – a cheap Chinese made knock off I found someone using in Nairobi city centre this morning.


Below the legend ‘iiPhone’ it reads “Designed in Amerrica, Made in China”. Oliwah, the iiPhone’s owner, didn’t think much of the applications, nor did he hold out much hope for the longevity of the touch screen. But at least it looked good and only cost 10,000 bob.

For African technophiles the excitement about the iPhone’s arrival on the continent  has little to do with status symbols. They reckon it could herald a revolution in mobile phone based internet. Here’s White African:

“Years from now, when the idea of the mobile web isn’t so flashy and unknown in Africa, we’ll look back and say our thanks to the iPhone as one of the catalysts that pushed development forward.”


One response to “iPhone versus iiPhone

  1. Now I have to be careful… just when I’m planning to buy an iPhone.


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