Famous in Sudan

I’ve just spent a long and hectic week bouncing around Darfur and southern Sudan with the UN. There were a handful of other hacks on the trip too. While most of us were writing about Darfur one of the local journalists, Ahmad Hassan, who works for the pro-government Al-Ray al-Amm, decided to write about us. I tried to keep our conversations short, hoping that he would decide to focus on the others instead.

No such luck.



Ahmad is the guy on the right staring moodily into the middle distance. I’m the one on the left fiddling with my mobile phone. The New York Times’ Neil MacFarquhar is the other victim.

I’m reliably informed by Meskel Square that the headline reads something like ‘UN puts Darfur in the headlines’. Absolutely no idea what the caption below me is.


One response to “Famous in Sudan

  1. Actually, the headline reads ‘The UN seeks help from international media’. Still working on the captions. I get a passing mention but, thankfully, no photo.

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