Yes we can still make money out of Obama

Looks like the shameless exploitation of Obama’s victory for financial gain is going to continue for a little while longer. KLM and Kenya Airways are offering an ‘inauguration special’ flight from Kisumu, capital of Kenya’s Luoland and the ancestral home of Obama, to Washington DC. 


I particularly like the completely unnecessary ‘Yes we can’.

At the press conference in Kogelo following Obama’s victory his 86-year-old grandmother, Sarah, said she hoped to attend the inauguration. At least Barack won’t have to shell out too much now.

Companies in Kenya have been equally quick to cash in (my guy’s still selling his Obama dollars) – and politicians who have previously criticised Obama are quite happy to now bask in his reflected glory.

Two predictions: 

  1. At the next Kenyan election, probably in 2012, someone will run on the slogan “Ndio Tunaweza!”
  2. Kisumu airport, currently being refurbished, will soon be re-named Obama International



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